Using the best miter saw will only get you so far if you’re not using the correct blades.

So, what can you do to make sure that the miter saw best blades are the ones you have in mind? What do you look for?

We are here to help.

Here are a few simple tips to help you make sure you get the right blade for your project.

  • Generally, miter saws are sold with an all-purpose blade that is fine for rougher cuts in construction but not what you will want to use for clean and smooth cuts. Instead of using the 20 to 40-tooth blade that came with your saw when it was purchased, you are going to want a blade with a higher tooth count. If you have a miter saw that measures 10 inches you will want a blade with 80 teeth. If your miter saw measures 12 inches you need a larger blade that has more teeth. A blade with 100 teeth is good in this instance

Staying with the plan to make sure you have a good blade, you will also want to pay attention to the hook angle on the blade. When you are working on something and the cut doesn’t need to be super smooth, you can probably get away with the blade that came with your saw. These blades usually have a hook angle that is positive and above 10°. These blades will cut your wood, but will leave the edges rough. If you need a cut with smooth edges, you want a blade expressly made for this job. Blades with a negative hook angle will easily and smoothly cut through your wood. The best general purpose blade will have a hook angle that falls between -5 degrees and 10 degrees

Some Ways to Use Shed Plans to Successfully Build A 12x20 Shed

One of the most vital pieces of information that you may have at your disposal after building a shed is a fine set of shed plans. When building a big structure such as a 12×20 shed, even it is more critical to have correct and easy to realize construction plans. You can use the 12×20 shed plans each step of the process, from the drawings stages to loading the shed with your things.

Locating the Shed on Your Property

Finding out where you will place the storage building is a serious primary step in planning. Part of determining how big of a building shed is to discover where on your property it will fit. After building a 12×20 shed, you will require a huge piece of land to build on. Use the shed’s plans to materially rethink the footprint of the shed on the ground. This assists you have an idea of how it can affect other things in your garden. When seeing the footprint on the ground you do not love its location, you can simply move the stakes so that the placement of the shed is perfect. Move it until you are satisfied with the location of the shed.

Working with Construction Officials

A 12×20 shed plan always requires a construction permit. Even if you don’t require a building permit, it is advisable to take the plans of the shed to the local construction authority and chat with them what you want to do. The county or city construction department will recognize about utility easements on your property and regulations on shed height, nearness to other structures, and also size restrictions.

Estimated Cost

Having a good set of shed plans and a material launch will prepare the job of deciding how much the shed will cost much easier. By sending the material to various construction supply stores, you may get a great idea of how much it will cost to build the shed. The 12×20 shed is fairly large and, so, will cost a good amount for its construction, so it aids to have a good idea of your costs before going to the store to order the materials.

Building the Shed

When going through the planning stages of the shed construction defined above, you may be ready to build your shed. This is where the shed plan actually shows its value. If the shed plans have correct and complete information, there will be no important questions regarding the shed construction process. Coverage plan information, such as wall framing plans, floor framing plans, and roof framing plans are essential to make sure that you turn out to the shed where you thought you had acquired the plans. Even more essential are fine details, such as roof-to-wall connections and also truss construction design details.


If after following the steps to make sure the shed fits your property, check with the city and get an exact cost, you can build a 12×20 shed, then choose your favorite set of 12×20 shed plans and build it. The use of these four tips will significantly enhance your chances of having a good expertise in building a shed.